The Price of SSD's

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The Price of SSD's

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Whelp, some of my taxes are back, so I finally got to order my 1TB SSD. $139.00, Sandisk Plus. Not the fastest, not the biggest, but one heck of a lot better than I have now. NewEgg.

So, as usual, my wife wanted something. The very last thing I would have expected. She wants me to take Chances old computer and get it running. New HD, new video board, new monitor, new 1.2tb HDD, and of course a keyboard and mouse. Total, about $200.

BTW Chance, there was a desiccated corpse of some kind in the case. Yuk, really?


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Re: The Price of SSD's

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Re: The Price of SSD's

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Good deal man...way to go!

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Re: The Price of SSD's

Post by Vandyne123 »

Well you guys have kept it in your possession for how long? Since before I left for Florida. So I'm going to have to say that's on you guys.

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